Small Steps to Self-love: May Campaign

The month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness since 1949. I imagine the day when taking care of our mental health is a part of our life just like brushing our teeth, so that we do not need a month to remind us of it.

Sharing the Love

Self-care and self-love shouldn't be something we constantly feel guilty about. It is not an indulgence but a diligent work not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones. I first created the comics of the little fox and furry friends on Instagram to remind myself how self-love can look like in small steps. Little did I expect that as the days grew, more people resonated with its little important message.

This May, JangandFox collaborated with the Instagram and the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention for the #havearealconvo campaign, as well as had its comics featured in the news through different languages to inspire self-love. 

Read about them on: OutsourceMarketing (United States)Boredpanda (United States) (Singapore) (Singapore), Sina (China)GirlsMood (Hong Kong), Ipet (Taiwan) and (Germany).


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