What's our Pursepose: April's Collaboration

I met Rachel in February after I read about her work online. She's one of the founders of Mori Official, a social enterprise in Philippines that provides training and sustainable livelihood for a community of mothers, who used to sew washrags and potholders to earn less than 100 pesos (S$3)/day.

I was drawn into her stories of the people she worked with really quickly. The struggles and strength of the mothers who kept it going for both their families and less often, themselves. When Mori incepted, the mothers welcomed the change from sewing rags as they earned more making pursebooks, while being able to care for their children. Starting with four mothers from Bgy Apolonio Samson in early 2012, Mori works with about 15 mothers currently. Some of the mothers are also now trainers and involved in the research and development of new products. They also provide quarterly skills development programs such as in financial literacy and parenting with the help of volunteers.

Sharing a Purpose

For Rachel herself, her ongoing journey to navigate the purpose of her work has been bouldered with many doubts and challenges. Through her stories, we realized we have much in common. We share a belief of how stories bring communities together and that every community has a story to be heard. And no one person or community has to do it alone. That was when the World's First Pursebook collaboration was born, out of a story of collaboration, community strength and borderless friendship - values that the furry friends of JangandFox aren't unfamiliar to.

Blending the function of a purse and a notebook, each pursebook is hand-sewn and put together by the loving hands of the mothers. I hope you know that each pursebook you carry, also holds a deep story of a community who are doing their best for someone or something they love.

Own the World's First Pursebook here.