Questions about Little Postbox

These are the frequently asked questions about joining Little Postbox (Patreon). If you can't find what you need here, don't frown. Simply drop me a note at

Getting your first letter

Pop over to Patreon and select a tier based on your mailing location and preferred package. Sign up for the tier, add your mailing address, make your payment and you are ready to receive your first letter!

Yes, the little animals and I pack and send the little letters worldwide, as long as your location has a working postal service!

Yes, let us be your Pigeon Postman to send the letter hug to your loved ones and friends! Simply send me the recipient's name and address via Patreon Messaging or Contact either upon sign-up or by the start of each new month.

All little letters are sent as snail mails on the second week of each month from Singapore and will take 2-7 weeks to reach you depending on your location. (The average duration to Asia is 2-3 weeks and to U.S. and Europe is 3-5 weeks.) If you've subscribed after the second week of the month, your first letter will be sent within 3 working days upon your subscription.

As all materials for little letters are made in small batches and packed by hand specifically for each month, there may be a limited number of letters that can be sent. If you're unable to subscribe this month, you can find more slots at the start of the next month!

There's no minimum period to subscribe. You can support my work for any duration and cancel your support on Patreon anytime before the 1st day of the month to stop receiving further letter and notification.

I have subscribed!

Some snail mails may be delayed in your country due to the current situation. If you don't receive your letter within the 7-week period, just drop me a message on Patreon or email me at Pigeon Postman will be on its way to send you another one! 

Change the address on your Patreon Account, or just drop me a note on Patreon or Contact to update me with your new address.

Head to 'Memberships' on your Patreon account and choose 'Cancel' to stop your subscription. You will stop receiving notification and letter the next month. You can also change your subscription tier on the 'Memberships' page on Patreon.

You may refer to Patreon's step-by-step guide
here. If you suspect you have been billed wrongly during the change or cancellation, don't hesitate to message me.