The Little Fox and Friends

In the Forest of Little Things, the Little Fox and friends find the perfect little carrots for making the best little cakes and give awkward little hugs. They also come across unlikely friends, like the little dandelion from whom they learn the beauty of letting go and the little hedgehog who figures how to give a hug. Basking in the warmth of companionship and these little things, they discover the wonder of an ordinary day. Like a small cup of tea, their tales warm our heart and remind us of the little things we hold on to.

His bushy tail works as a great comforter,
just like his warm words 

Sensitive to his emotions and others’;
Gets his colour from constantly feeling blue

The best gardener and dessert maker; 
Good at nearly everything that come 
under the care of her tiny hands  

Ever pink with joy;
Has the magic to turn anything
into food and little bliss



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