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Hi, I am Jang! Starting JangandFox comics in 2018 was an accidental bliss for someone like me who's not professionally trained in drawing. Now I run the one-woman JangandFox Studio from my home in Singapore and am my own part-time Mailbox Santa and parcel packer. Also a night-time illustrator for children's books, I secretly believe that the world would function very differently if more adults read children's books. On days that you don't find me at home, I am hiding in a local cafe working on my iPad or at the children's book corner of the library.  

Through my 10 years of working with the under-served communities in Singapore, I have encountered many untold stories of empathy, bravery and kindness that continue to inspire me and my work. I've created JangandFox as an accessible, approachable way to spread joy and encourage that same courageous empathy in others.

Making sense of this perplex world is now a little less scary for me with the company of the Little Fox and friends, as well as the lovely readers of @Jangandfox and @Jangandfox_Mandarin.

Letting you in on a little secret, the Little Fox character was inspired by my fox toy, which was hand-stitched by a teddy bear maker in Tbilisi. It was love at first sight and I bring it around in my backpack when I travel. My love for foxes probably dates back to my childhood years reading stories such as Fantastic Mr Fox and The Little Prince.