Hi, I am Jang! Starting JangandFox comics in 2018 was a leap of faith and an accidental bliss that grew into a livelihood. In a world of big noise and chaos, I've created JangandFox to remind ourselves of the little things we hold on to, just like my favourite small cup of tea. It could be the little flowers on our way home, someone's little hug or the little wagging tail that follows me - they surround us everyday. What if we let these little things be the big protagonists and voices of our life stories? I believe when we notice these little things that we have in common, we also realise they are fundamentally what connect us.

Thankfully, making sense of this perplex world is now a little less scary for me with the company of the Little Fox and friends, as well as the lovely community of @Jangandfox.

I run the one-woman JangandFox Studio from my home in Singapore and am my own part-time Mailbox Santa and parcel packer. Also a night-time illustrator for children's books, I secretly imagine a differently-functioning world where more adults read children's books, which spread the language of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity. On days that you don't find me at home, I am blending into a local cafe with my iPad or the children's book corner of the library.  

Letting you in on a little secret, the Little Fox character was inspired by my fox toy, which was hand-stitched by a teddy bear maker in Tbilisi. It was love at first sight and I bring it around in my backpack when I travel. My love for foxes probably dates back to my childhood years reading stories such as Fantastic Mr Fox and The Little Prince.