Little Postbox Club FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are the little letters sent worldwide?

Yes, the little animals and I pack and send the letters worldwide, as long as your location has postal service available.


2. When will I receive my first letter and subsequent ones?

All snail letters are sent on the second week of each month from Singapore and may take 3-8 weeks to reach you depending on your location. The average duration to Asia is 3 weeks and to U.S. and Europe is 4-5 weeks. If you've subscribed on the third or forth week of the month, we'll prepare and mail your first letter within 5 days upon your subscription.


3. Is the letter suitable for my child?

Yes, the content is kid-friendly, encouraging and educational. For added joy, you can open the letter with your child!


4. Can I send it to someone else besides myself?

Yes, you can! Who doesn't love a surprise mail? Simply update your recipient's name and address on Patreon before the start of the month. Likewise, if you need to change your address, simply update your Patreon profile and drop me a message on Patreon or at to alert me on the change.


5. Why are there tiers that are sold out?

As all little cards and story gifts are made in small batches specifically for each month, there may be a limited number of letters that can be sent for Love, Little Fox and Love, Little Eleph tiers.  If you're unable to subscribe this month, you can still do so at the start of next month when more slots are open.


6. What should I do if I don't receive my letter?

Some snail mails may be delayed in your country due to the current situation. If you don't receive your letter within the 8-week period, just drop me a message on Patreon or email me at The little animals and I will send you another one! 


7. What is the minimum period of subscription?

There's no minimum period to subscribe. You can support my work for any duration and cancel your support on Patreon anytime before the 1st day of the month to stop receiving further letter and notification.


8. What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform to support creators you love in their content creation and be part of their community during their creative and prototyping process.


9. I still have questions. What should I do?

You can drop me a message at Contact or!