The Illustrator behind JangandFox

    • Hello, i am Jang!

      The creator and Chief Enchantment Officer of JangandFox :)

    • I am a mailbox Santa and an illustrator of children's books!

      Starting @Jangandfox comics in 2018 was a leap of faith that grew into a livelihood. I run this one-woman studio from my home in Singapore and am my own letter assembler. Also a night-time illustrator for children's books, I secretly imagine a differently-functioning world where adults read more children's books, which spread the language of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity. On days that you don't find me at home, I am blending into a local cafe with my iPad or a local bookstore.

    • Wait, so Jang is not an elephant?

      Yes, I get that confusion alot. The Little Eleph character is very much an extension of my thoughts and me, and I have come to accept that his name is Jang too! The name originated from my full name, Joanne Ang, and I like that it also rhymes with '将心' in mandarin to mean 'empathy' (将心比心).

    • I am also a not-so-secret fox lover.

      The Little Fox character was inspired by my treasured fox toy, which was hand-stitched by a teddy bear maker in Tbilisi (@plush_and_share). It was love at first sight and I bring it around in my backpack when I travel. My love for foxes probably dates back to my childhood years reading stories such as Fantastic Mr Fox and The Little Prince.