JangandFox Studio

Creates stories for children 
and grown-up children

Based in Singapore, JangandFox Studio is a socially-driven and one-woman studio by Jang that creates stories and story gifts suitable for a generation of empathy. It also owns the character license to the JangandFox series, which is represented by several international agencies including CAWRO (Beijing) and Carol Mann Agency (New York). 

Collaborating with fellow illustrators, brands and communities, the studio is all about helping us to connect with one another through short stories articulated in the language of children, which is that of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity.


The studio's services include:

(a) Online Store

Shop JangandFox's collection of story-driven gifts, including our signature little postcards, as well as thoughtfully-sourced craftwork that supports various communities.

(b) Content Collaboration & Product Licensing

The studio collaborates with brands and organisations to conceptualise and design content and products. Through JangandFox's characters and story-based approach, we work together to connect meaningfully with your audience and promote values that matter most to us.

(c) Digital Books (Coming soon!)

Read digital books or subscribe to get heartwarming reads that change the way we look at the little things around us. Here, the little things are the big protagonists and voices of the stories because when we notice these little things that we have in common, we also realise they are fundamentally what connect us.

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